We all simply want to be happy!” In her years of imperfect living, writer, consultant, and inquisitor of human behavior Christine Andola constantly sought to achieve just that. In “Who Knew?” Andola shares candid anecdotes and real life lessons learned from years of complex family dynamics, awkward social missteps, marriage gone wrong, grief and death. She reflects on the agonizing and inspiring cold hard facts of life with idealism and a quirky sense of humor–sharing with the reader just how she has achieved a new and potent definition of happiness after 40!


“I found Christine’s book to be a no-nonsense yet humorous description of a woman who has come to terms with her past by taking charge of her present. Our families influence us, but we need to take responsibility for our own choices and consequences. This is an easy-to-read “how to” book to help us learn how to grow up.”
—Marilyn Ben, LCSW-R; NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Counselor Emeritus

“For anyone who is reaching a milestone or anticipates one, this book will remind you that you’re not alone and that accepting who you are and moving forward to embrace your best self is everyone’s challenge. Thanks, Christine, for putting it out there and for reminding us that life’s challenges are universal.”

—Cherie Messore, proposal editor and freelance writer

“She’s a great writer and I loved several of the thoughts/lines buried throughout the book. Some made me laugh. Some had me shaking my head in recognition. Some had me thinking a bit.”

—Sue Kuligowski, freelance writer